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With V Pizza shipping, you can experience the taste of Naples, Italy, anywhere in the continental US! Every menu item is crafted with care, frozen, and packaged for delivery straight to you. Guaranteed to taste as fresh as it does from our wood-fired ovens — you’ll feel like you're sitting in a V Pizza restaurant.

We have a whole menu of delicious options for your shipping pleasure. Check out our plans here with options to include pizzas, wings, strombolis, calzones, or your custom mix of all the things!

At V Pizza, we say you can have it all. It’s true! You can choose a box with all pizza, all non-pizza items (like wings, strombolis and calzones), or mix and match. Click here to check out our plans.

We have three delicious box options, each at a cost of $160. You get a huge bang for your buck — every box includes at least six different menu items shipped directly to you!

The power is in your hands. Choose your favorite six pizzas from our delicious menu here, or mix in our wings, strombolis, calzones, and more!

In this case, more is always better. We encourage you to go wild…add the extras!! Each of our boxes includes the option to add on extra goodies.

Yes! Because flowers taste awful and chocolates aren’t pizza, a V Pizza delivery box makes the perfect gift. You can ship your V Pizza delivery box anywhere in the continental U.S. Or, purchase a gift card here so your loved ones can choose their own order.

We are always here to help and will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please reach out to our customer service team for inquiries around cancelations at

We strive to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition. If you have any shipping issues, please contact customer service at